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I keep hearing about MOCs (2151 and 2152) which are good precursors for the ms courses ,can anyone tell me where i can get these mocs? are they free?


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    My opinion on the MOC's is that they are a waste of time and money. They don't go indepth enough as to what the test covers and you will have to read another book to fill in the holes. Might as well just stick with Sybex or MS Press.
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    MOC = Microsoft Official Curriculum are the text books for the official MS courses. You get them when you take the classes. I don't know if you can buy them by themselves.

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    They can be bought separately, but then they're called MS Training Kits ;) Most is the same, but the training kits contain more info.

    The MOC is what an MCT reads to you in an instructor-led class for a couple of thousands bucks. Most people are much better of buying a couple of old PCs, hooking 'em up in a home lab and actually use the sofware. However, if the company pays for the costs of the MOC as well as for your time (3 to 5 days usually), go ahead and have fun :D (I'd still suggest the MS training kit though ;)
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    I have the MOCs.. And to be honest I would never use them as my primary study source. In my opinion they are written like children's books. I was stupid enough to sign up for a 2 year training program that goes through a+ to some security cert after mcse.. 27 grand.. 27 god damn grand.

    The school I chose to take the classes at is rather reputable, so I hope it at least looks good on my resume.

    Anyway... About the mocs.. The ones I have for 210 and 270 are a joke.
    I've never seen the MS Training Kits, but if they are the same books... those kits are a joke too.

    Just my $27,000 on the matter
    And we're using windows why?
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    I see i've been censored.

    ... Sorry.
    And we're using windows why?
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    icon_lol.gif That's ok... $27000 that is a **** lot indeed. icon_wink.gif

    I used the training kits for almost 10 different MS exams, and I think they are the best available books for Microsoft exam. The latest editions cover a lot more topics than the official MOCs. It is hard and unwise to prepare for the exam by just using the MS kits. MS exams are more than just theory, they require skills and for that you need to practice with the operating system or application at hand. The Microsoft training kits usually include a lot of helpful lab exercises. Anyway, the training kits are just the basics to build on.

    I've been to a MS course once, for the proxy 2.0 exam, and didn't even went the second day (course was 2 days in total). When you take an official MS course, you pay for the instructor 'telling' you the contents of the MOC. I could read a lot more in the same time, sitting at home on the couch icon_wink.gif
    Many people still go to official courses (usually paid by employer) to get hands-on with the product and to discuss with others. I may be an excellent way for some people to prepare for the exams, but more importantly, gain the skills. It mostly depends on the quality of the instructor...

    Some use the argument that they don't have more than 1 computer at home and the operations system and backoffice products... for $27,000 you can build up a quite realistic lab environment. ;)

    Did you take any of the exams yet?
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    I haven't taken the MS exams yet, just the a+ and net+.
    I'm still debating on weather to take 210 or 270, and studying for both.

    I'll book the text next week.. I find if I set a date for myself, I get things done.
    And we're using windows why?
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