Problem connecting to home wireless network

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Hey guys,
A friend of mine just bought a Dell Inspiron 1520 and is having problems with his wireless capabilities. He can connect wirelessly to his home network but every time he needs to reboot, his PC won't automatically reconnect. It will find the SSID after reboot but won't let you connect. It gives this error: "Problem Applying Profile". In order to connect he has to right-click on the adapter in the system tray and select "repair this connection". It will then acquire an address and everything seems fine, that is until he needs to reboot or shut it down. Any of you guys seen this before or have a solution for me? Thanks in advance.


  • ClaymooreClaymoore Member Posts: 1,637
    If he is using a Linksys router, try changing the SSID name from the default of 'Linksys' to something else such as 'Linksys123'.
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    First, tell us the brand of the router...

    Are you connect thru the cable or wireless? Did you set the wireless to pick up the connection (start automatic)?
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  • motherwolfmotherwolf Member Posts: 117
    The router is a Linksys, but I don't believe it's a problem with the router. There is another laptop in the house that is able to connect wirelessly just fine, automatically. The SSID has already been changed from the default and it is being picked up by the adapter, it just won't connect to it until I select 'repair the connection'.
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    Have you tried letting windows managing it and see if that helps
    Also what channel do you have it on ?
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  • motherwolfmotherwolf Member Posts: 117
    Thanks for the help guys, I seemed to have fixed it somehow. Don't really know what I did but my friend came home, booted up, and it connected to the network automagically. I really should learn to document the steps I take when trying to fix things. BAD ADMINISTARTOR! BAD!
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    I had a problem with my linksys router when I first got it...after a couple hours of tinkering, I bit the bullet and called their support. It actually didnt suck.
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