Please confirm ADSL is analog

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I have a quick question:

I was trying to explain to a friend of mine that dsl is analog signal on the phone line but he wouldn't have it so can someone help me icon_confused.gif

ADSL is broadband - right?
Broadband uses analog signals (as opposed to baseband) - right?

That makes (a)dsl analog (problably from the modem to the exchange) - right?

Sorry, might not seem important but it is to me and it's one of those things that bug me now icon_cry.gif .

Thank you all for your help icon_wink.gif
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    ADSL stands for Asymetrical DIGITAL subscriber line, it is a boradband technique, and it is on analgoue phone lines. However the singnal is digitalalized using complex modulation techniques. The signal is an analgoue signal with digital levels. So you are correct saying its analogue,

    However it is a digitalized analogue signal. ADSL itself is nothing special its simply that the shorter the distance of the copper wires the higher frequency you can use(and more bandwidth)

    The carrier is analgoue bit the information in the carrier signal is digital.
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