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Running into a little issue here and I am not a 2K Server expert. In our network the users are restricted by group policy so that they can't add a printer. What we do is take them out of that particular user and group container to an unsecured(no GP) container and it should release group policy, right? When we take them out of it, it hasn't been releasing there restrictions! One more example, we move a user from production to administration,we change him to a member of admin which has the right to add printers. We took him out of production and he still can't add a printer as part of the administration group. The funny thing is he is sitting next to some one with the same member permissions, both running W2k pro and one can and he still cant.

Any lessons or help would be appreciated!



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    Group policy is updated every 90 minutes plus a random number of minutes, up to 30 (by default). You probably just need to manually update that user/computer to have things take effect immediately:
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    The Prevent Addition of Printers setting is a User setting under User Configuration \ Administrative Templates \ Control Panel \ Printers. In order to get this setting to update, you do probably need to do a gpudate / force.

    The Restricted Groups setting is a Computer setting. Moving user accounts won't affect this - you need to check where the computer accounts are located and see what GP are assigned to that OU.
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    I found the exact same problem. In my case it was not group policy. in a way that is. My profile was set up in a container with gp settings that restricted me access to adding printers.

    So what i am suggesting is if the answer that "Claymoore" and "dynamik" gave dont work, try setting up the profile again! and by the way, my profile is a roaming, .dat non-restricted mandatory profile so that got screwed up eh?
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