can't change cisco router password...

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So I want to buy this cisco 2500 or 2600 router at work. We'll I went to check out the router to see if the i could bring up the interfaces and other stuff. Well it's password protected and so I started to try to change the password but I couldn't. I used the methods from when I first started to take cisco a few years ago. I found something similar to what I was doing here but when I type enable in the regular user mode (forgot what its called) after I pause the booting and input the text it still asks me for a password icon_eek.gif
I couldn't find any other way to change the password. I was thinking of maybe trying to do something to the nvram, flash, or rom to maybe get rid of the password and maybe try to keep the ios on the router. Maybe someone can give me some advice... There is another cisco router but its jacked up. It'll just hang during the boot process. Would it possible to trade the parts around between a 2600 and a 2500 model router?
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    when you change the config register and reset, then you have to go into enable mode. There should not be a configuration loaded into RAM. Then go into enable mode and do a copy start run. Then change the console or enable mode password with "enable secret dingdong" or line con 0, enter, password dingdong. Then do a copy run start. I think the link you posted was missing the copy start run. You may need to change the configuration-register back to the default 0x2102
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