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Well this is my situation now... last month I located a virus on a computer(winxp) -it was a malware worm. icon_twisted.gif I managed to go to Trendmicro--scanned and deleted this from the system. It worked perfectly fine. Later I found out that this may have been passed through Yahoo email...with spoofed email addresses. Now- the the PC is going bad again. It restarts unexpectingly...and it always gives the microsoft error report when logging on.."this system has recovered from a serious error"--well when i click on send report it sends the report--and the same error will keep popping up again. Finally when I choose "dont send" I go to Internet explorer...when i go to a site specifically reports an error and shuts down the browser. I have 8 different virus removal tools that I have already scanned and it reports that it didnt find any errors. Sometimes cant even run these tools b/c the computer freezes up on me!! Has anyone been having this problem? icon_confused.gif: icon_confused.gif:

Its pretty much driving me insane..i have re-installed/installed/resetted IE yet the problem still arise. I thiink its a software issue though cant put my finger on it.


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    Try using System Restore to bring the system to a state prior to your virus. Also, have you tried Ad-Aware? I'm not sure if that will help with this though...also, try booting into Safe-Mode W/Networking. That may keep some affected services from starting unwanted trouble while your fixing it. If that doesn't work, export all your personal files and addressess, emails, etc...and do a re-install, or a full clean start, format and install OS. Just an idea....I'm prepping to format as soon as my new system arrives...
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    You may have more than one issue there. Many times when cleaning out virus activity you can damage either system files or links to system files.
    What was the activity that was reported? (check your log file).

    Quite often, after I am SURE I have eradicated a virus I will do a repair of my OS to tidy things up. ALWAYS after a backup of course.
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    RussS wrote:
    ALWAYS after a backup of course.

    I second thee.
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