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As big as RIM and as successful as their blackberries, I still prefer the friendly Windows Mobile.

The "Windows" part of my home network has been untouched for quite some time (while I have been busy with cisco), so I decided to actually use some of the things I have to help my productivity. I already have Exchange 2003 Enterprise setup on Win2003 Enterprise, and there's a few Smartphones accessing it, 1 WM5, and 2 WM6, all configured with DirectPush. icon_lol.gif

I've recently installed auto-accept agent, and it seems to be working quite well, I know that MS doesn't suggest using this with individual mailbox, but I find this feature extremely useful, and I just can't pass it up. Wondering if anyone else out there has a similar setup?

I've got it implemented on the two WM6 devices, but for some reason, the following doesn't work automatically, in fact, it seems like the invite just disappears into thin air, not in trash, no queue up, don't know where it went.

Add attendee from Device 1 (WM6) where attendee is user of Device 2 (Wm6)

BUT, if I login to OWA/Outlook with the user of Device 1, add the attendee (user of dev 2), it works perfectly. And interestingly enough, adding user of device 1 as attendee from device 2 also works perfectly.

Their event sinks seem to be working properly with no weird status according to the vb scripts, anyone have any ideas?
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    Sorry, no idea. I've never tried setting up a calendar appointment through my mobile device. It's always been through OWA/Outlook. Can't think of anything that would prevent it from working with a mobile device.
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