New to forum and need help with processors

DazedDazed Member Posts: 16 ■□□□□□□□□□
Hi all i just stumbled across this forum and have been reading for past hour and im very impressed with the help u all give each other.

The first day back to work this year i quit my jod and desided to take a I.T course i chose to go for my MCSA and MCSE

im starting to really worrie i have taken on more that i can handle i have untill january 22 2005 to complete the MCSA .

i have been reading sybex A+ complete study guide and mike meyers A+.

I recently took a quiz so i could get on the 5 day course witch i passed at 90% i start the 5 day course this coming monday (17th) im so scared i cant do this i keep reading and just cant feel that im not takeing it all in there is so much to remmeber.

im haveing problems with the processors , i was hopeing that some would would have a great chart/table that could help me.

also scsi is buggin me to .


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