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Prometric, not me.

They had unexplained IT difficulties. This location is actually a new facility with some fairly nice equipment. I figured that would be my best shot to avoid these types of problems. They were supposed to call everyone, but "Since it only happened on Saturday, they probably didn't have enough time."

I guess it takes more than 1-2 days to either call, email, or update the exam status on their website.

The part that disappointed me the most was that I was going to have lunch with forum member Chacaro afterwards. He had his 291 scheduled for the same time, and we were going to go out and celebrate our passes. We just shook hands and spoke briefly. Maybe next time.

I also have no idea when I will be able to reschedule. It looks like they're already booked up through March. Oh well. I guess I should be thankful that they simply turned us away instead of having things break down halfway through the exam.


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    Actually things breaking halfway through the exam would have giving you some insight to the exam. ;)

    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience... You know, if any one of us system administrators had as much downtime as these test centers have (I experienced it too) we wouldn't be able to get a job again.
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    Maybe the prequalification for the exam is to get the test centre back up again. :D
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    that blows man...

    well at least youll be 'extra' prepared for the next go-round! :D
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    Some of these centers are horrible! I took my A+ years ago at a Heald college (I was not a student but you can do your tests there) and the mouse/keyboard was nasty and the monitor needed to be degaussed. Anyhow, it was slow and gave me a few Novell errors! Although I managed. Funny thing was it printed like 10 copies of my pass because the "click to print button" never took focus but it registered my clicks of frustration... is where took my most recently ones. no complaints other than I was trapped in a room with a guy who wouldn't stop coughing for my 70-270
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    thats harsh man, im going to have to wait at least a month for an exam slot 2! how ridiculous!

    you should be compensated!

    keep it up though mate and let me know how it goes!
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