Network+ 2005 v.s. 2007

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I would like some clarification from anyone who KNOWS the answer. I have been running through the virtual exams from ****.com and have passed every time. My question is I signed up with Pearson for the test and noticed they call it Network+ 2007.

Is this something I need to worry about, or am I good to go having practiced the Network+ 2005 exam?

Thanks in advance!!


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    One in the same, don't worry nothing has changed.
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    Its the same exam the exam objectives have not changed and the info in the exam has not changed either. Its Still exam N10-003. The objective date makes no difference all you needs is the correct exam number and your set.

    There have been so many discussions on this topic in here. Its the same exam
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    Same exam, CompTIA changed the year for our sake as test takers, so we know when we took it.

    Then they didn't tell us why until we asked.

    Oh well.
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