Passed the Network+

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Passed the Network+, laid the smackdown on a 680. I want to thank the techexams people and the members for all the info. I didn't really know what to think about the test. People have said all sorts of things about it. Some of the wording is a little strange, but I would take a CompTIA test over a Microsoft test any day.

I didn't really get many Novell, Mac stuff. The questions about them I got were pretty basic.

Some things I would recommend knowing:
Length of all cables
All devices, what they do and where in the OSI they go
The most common ports
Kerberos - if it doesn't work, sync the time
bindery only used on novell 3.1
802.11 - all about it
what to do to get a WIN2000 client to access a Mac server
how many bits and bytes in MAC and IPv6 addresses
modal interference

and thanks to the guy who said max length of an ISDN line is 18,000ft.


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    Good job!
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    hey way to go man...and thanks for the info since i'im next to take test :)
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    So...You prefer the short 1-2 sentence style questions over the MS 2-4 paragraph question huh...

    hehe :)
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    Nice job on the pass, whats next for you.

    I take my exam tomorrow at 3:30 so i hope i get to pass as well. Feel plenty prepared for this exam so i will post tomorrow and let everyone know.
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    I am so happy. I took the test today at 2pm. I crammed for the last 2 weeks 3-4 hours a day and only used exam cram 2 and notes from this site. This site was a god send. Thank you so much!!!
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    I am going to give the MCTS(vista 70-620) another shot. For some reason, I have had a hard time with it. I took it twice, made a 667 then went back a few weeks later and made a 533. It was like 2 completely different tests. Then I will tackle the CCNA.
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    congrats on the pass, good luck with vista :D
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    Thanks jim for the tips on the test. I plan on taking the test very soon.
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    Congratz on the pass!!!!
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