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Does anyone know where i could find all the defualt protocols for windows 95,98,Nt,2000 and xp?


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    Well,'s TCP/IP. Which is honestly used by all network operating systems. After an install, you'll notice if a network card is installed, TCP/IP is the default.

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    95 - NetBEUI, Client for Microsoft Networks(OSR2 might do TCP/IP)
    98/ME - NetBEUI, TCP/IP, Client for Microsoft Networks
    NT/2000 - NetBEUI, TCP/IP, Client for Microsoft Networks, File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks
    XP - TCP/IP, Client for Microsoft Networks, File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks

    I am 90% sure that the above is accurate as to the typical default network protocols that are installed. Any other ones you have to manually add.
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    Forget the 'Default' protocols ... they are totally irrelevant.

    Remember ....

    TCP/IP This is the #1 network protcol and is usable with Win OS, MAC OS, *nix and Novell. If you really want to consider 'default' protocols you should consider how far back you want to go ... Me, I only go back as far as '98.

    '98 - TCP/IP
    ME - TCP/IP
    W2k - TCP/IP
    XP - TCP/IP
    Mac OS - TCP/IP
    'nix - TCP/IP
    Novell 5 and lower - IPX/SPX
    Novell 6 and above - TCP/IP

    As a general rule most networks will be set up TCP/IP and if with Novell TCP/IP and IPX/SPX.

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    Novell 3,4,5 can use IPX/SPX(3 has no choice)
    Novell 4 starts support for TCP/IP through encapsulation
    Novell 5 has native support for TCP/IP. IPX/SPX supported for backwards compatibility.

    Novell 3.12 and above use 802.2 for frames. Previous versions used 802.3

    Mac OS - AppleTalk, MacOS X has native support for TCP/IP because its based on *nix. There are questions on AppleTalk.

    Also, when I took the test last Wed. I had more than one question that specifically tested the default protocols installed.
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    Are you sure netbeui came defualt on windows nt, 2000 and 98? Because i can't remember that?
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    With Win98 it really depends on the NIC you install - some load a full set of IPX/SPX - NetBEUI and TCP/IP and other just load TCP/IP. I think earlier NICs will load NetBEUI as default and maybe TCP/IP too. I know that none of the 10meg cards here load NetBEUI only. I would think W2000 is much the same. NT4 - possibly NetBEUI and TCP/IP.

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    If by Default, you mean what does the Network+ exam considered the default.

    Windows - NetBeui if you have a nonroutable network (1 site, no internet). If you have a routbale network or want an internet connection it is TCP/IP

    Unix/Linux - TCP/IP

    NetWare - IPX/SPX

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