passed, right on the dot!

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So day after day, i study a bit more. I thought I knew most of it. I already got my A+. So one day, i got sick of studying. So I decide to just go for the exam. The big day, Today. Early today. I took the Network+ for the first time. The first few questions scared me. It was hard. Crazy hard.

A few easy ones. Then it went back to hard. I could of sworn i failed the test. I was drinking cherry coke and i had pizza eariler that day for lunch. I felt like throwing it up. That's how bad the test scares me. Even the A+ wasn't that bad. I could hear nothing else but my heart pounding. Like the test will just swallow me up if I made anymore wrong answers.

At the time i finished. I wasn't hopeful anymore. It litterly knocked the **** outta me. I was supprised to see the passing grade was the same grade I got. At least it it got tons of crap off me chest when I saw that passed right on the dot. 554 was passing and 554 was the grade I got. Just typing this out feels like some of that weight that was on my chest can come back.

Network+ is indeed one of the hardest tests that I've ever taken.


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    Cherry Coke? Have a few beers next time, and you'll be much more relaxed drunken_smilie.gif

    Congratulations on the pass, and welcome to the site!
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    lol, not sure that's the best advice there dynamik ;)

    I think hard liquor would do the trick better drunken_smilie.gif

    Congrats on the pass! That was definitely a close one. :)
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    congrats on the pass icon_cool.gif
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    good job icon_idea.gif
    I wanna be ccie
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    thank dudes, i used the mike meyer's network+ book and a few stuff from this site.

    Honestly, I think the Mike Meyer's Network+ book is a bit outdated for the stuff I was asked on the 2007 Network+ exam. I was really standing no the edge of the cliff at that test. One more step would of made me fall to my doom. I strongest suggest anyone taking the Network+ exam to study more then just Mike Meyer's Network+ book.

    The book is good and explains it a lot better then many other books, but it is a bit outdated so it won't have everything in it.

    One last question, should i go for security+ next or jump straight to studying for MCP?
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    I'd personally go straight for the Security+ as it will make use of a fair bit of the knowledge that you picked up doing the Network+. Just be sure to study multiple books for that one! :D
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    congratz on the pass!!!
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    Congratz, as they say (my father-in-law at least) the min wouldn't be the min if it wasn't good enough. Good luck with whatever you decide to do next.
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    Heh, 'just enough' is all you need. Congratulations on the pass. I'd recommend getting a little bit of a broader set of skills and experience before tackling Security+, like the MCP path, Linux+, CCNA, or something along those lines. You can still take Security+ at any time, but you get more out of it when you bring lots of "regular" admin-knowledge to the table.

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