Taking Net+ in a couple of weeks and needs some advice!!

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Hey guys, so i've been studying for Net + for about 3-4 months now. I used Sybex Net + study guide as well as technotes on this site. I feel confident about most of the material except trying to memorize what each of the 7 OSI levels are responsible for.
I've studied and tried to cram this section but notice that most questions i get wrong are from this section. I'm also having a little bit of trouble memorizing all the different protocols and their port #'s. what would you guys suggest as a good way to study and retain the info. in these two particular sections?
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    Funny I'm having the same problem, just I have used LearnKey and www.proprofs.com. I have only been on the Net+ for about two months and will be taking the test in a week or so. So I am in need of help in those sections as well.
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    You're probably going to just have to do some flashcards or something to get those port numbers into your head. You could also do things like play around with port-forwarding on your router to see how you would configure it to allow http and remote desktop (for example).

    Wikipedia does a pretty good job with the OSI model: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_model

    Here's another great OSI resource: http://www.petri.co.il/osi_concepts.htm

    That second one will probably be the most beneficial to you.

    Have you taken the practice exams for the OSI model and common ports? They're up at the top in the Network+ section: http://techexams.net/pexams.php

    Welcome to the site, both of you :D
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    Why thank you for the welcome and the tips!!
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    I know how you feel, I've also been working on the net+ for a while, probably about 3 months, and need help.
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    Here my notes from my previous studies, hope it helps

    Application – authentication- integrity-privacy-error recovery
    Presentation – encapsulation – formatting- encryption – compression – translation – op system compatibility
    session – construction – tear down – manager – well known ports
    transport – end to end – (logical) – three way handshake – tcp - udp
    network – routing – layer 3 addressing – packet delivery (IP, IPX and Appletalk DDP)
    data link – mac addressing (physical addressing) – error control and notification (FCS, CRC)
    sub layer– LLC Logical Link Control – tells how to handle incoming packet.
    -- MAC sublayer – physical media
    physical – bit layer -
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    you guys are the best, thanks. will definitely check out the websites and do the flash cards as well.
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    Difficult moments, seek God.
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    I agree and those note were very helpful miller.
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    don't forget to learn the OSI model concerning hardware! know which layers hubs, repeaters, switches, routers, and gateways operate in.

    from memory, i didn't have many questions regarding port numbers. just know the basic ones: html, telnet, smtp, pop3, ftp, and you should be fine.

    the areas i had the most difficulty in was learning how novell, apple, and windows interoperate. that isn't covered in books and since i have never worked with novell, it got the best of me. also know your cables, especially data transfer speeds & segment lengths (with particular focus on fiber optics).
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    I just took it yesterday and passed with a 744. (passing = 550)

    There were a lot of questions pertaining to the OSI model and what happens at the layers / what devices are used.

    Make sure you know these prior to taking...

    I used the cd that came with my book exam cram 2..

    Best of Luck
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    Thanks for the tips guys. It will be good to know what to brush up on and know really well. Right now just trying to get the OSI model down to an art, all the basic port numbers I seem to know alright so.... we will see what happens.
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    If your problem is simply remembering the OSI model, and what the diffrent layers all do

    then I came Up with a Mnemonic that could help:

    Useful,Security,names,to,read,bridges,cableling (say it in one sentence)

    and the explanation:

    Useful: think users,applications ect

    Security :think security protocols ie:kerberos,SSL,IPsec
    also data converison layer ie: AVI to MPEG

    Names : Think of diffrent Name resolution method's ie:DNS, LMHosts, Hosts files, Wins ect...

    To : Think TCP/IP/IPX-SPX/Appletalk or transport layer protocols TCP,UDP

    Read : think Routers and routing protocols,OSPF,RIP

    Bridges: think obviosly about bridges and other network hardware Hubs,NIC's,WAP's

    and finally....

    Cabeling : Self explanitory :D

    If you Draw this next to the official OSI model, (All people need data prossesing)
    Its very difficult to go wrong in the exam

    Good luck, and no matter what happens: Dont Change your answers!!!!!!

    That is some Good advice I can give you icon_wink.gif

    I learnt that the hard way by failing twice, but passing well the third time icon_cool.gif
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