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I may have an option to attend a 6-day CISSP bootcamp while my Ministry foots the bill. I do not have any direct "professional" full-time experience with security so I was thinking of trying for the "associate of isc2". Since this is a CISSP bootcamp, does that mean that the only exam I will be writing there will be the actual CISSP exam and the SSCP will probably not be offered? I'm a little hesitant on skipping over the SSCP and writing the CISSP right away! icon_eek.gif


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    Your Ministry? How can I get into this Church of InfoSec?

    While some material overlaps between SSCP and CISSP, they do not have the same focus. The SSCP is not a prerequisite for the CISSP.

    Are you familiar with the CISSP material at all? You should probably go through a book or two before you attend a boot camp. There's a lot of information, and you can't just cram it all into 6 days. It may stay in your mind long enough for you to pass the exam, but you won't retain it long-term.
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    I see you're from the States... that must be why you are so confused. Where I live, a "ministry" is the same as a "government agency" in the States.

    And to answer your question dynamik, no I have not started studying any CISSP material yet. I do have prior knowledge, personal experience and training in infosec though. I also have the basic Security+ as well as a more advanced GCIH from SANS and studied the CEH and CCNA material. Will hopefully write the CCNA sometime this year.

    Thanks for your attempt at helping me.
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    I wasn't confused as much as I was just joking ;)

    Here's another thread that will provide you with a list of study resources and maybe a few pointers as well:
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    is it the ministry of magic ???

    sorry I couldn't help myself ....
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    Okay, I should probably pass on this CISSP bootcamp as I may not have the required knowledge to write by that time. I don't hear about many "SSCP Bootcamps" in North America though. They all seem to be CISSP.
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    SSCP isn't nearly as popular as the CISSP.
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