whining hard drive

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Hey guys

I have a whining hard drive at work. I ran Dell's hard drive diagnositcs and it passed. I am currently running disk cleanup, scan disk, then disk defrag to try and see if it needs cleaned up. Any suggestions on why a good hard drive would be whining?


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    I guess it could be a lot of reasons. Some of the noisest drives I've heard have lasted a long time with no problems. If it's a whine though, I wouldn't be using it for anything you rely on. If it contains sensitive data, I would get it off there or back it up asap.

    It may be nothing and I'm not sure what the hard drive checks test for. Do they actually check the physical stability of the drive, or just the "bad" parts of the drive?

    Someone else may provide a better answer.
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    Unless it is just on a terminal I would suggest pulling it.

    Lost - most diagniostics just run a check on the platter. SOme advanced ones trigger a self diagnostic that is on the drive circuit boad and that does do a quick electronic health check.
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    Better safe than sorry...I called dell and they will send us a replacement. Thanks for the advice
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