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Stuff I can remember being covered looking over my notes:

UAC, EFS, Windows Firewall, Event Forwarding, Supporting Applications, Deployment Tools and Techniques, Group Policy, IPsec, and anything that can be logged or audited. And probably at least a question or two on everything else. 57 Qs. Scored 812.

I only used the MS Press book. I studied by 'browsing' through the book and reading anything that was new to me pretty much. I studied things like Sysprep, WIMs, and other things that didn't exist in XP. I skipped or only skimmed through things like Wireless, IE 7, RDP, UAC as those were covered well in 620 or I felt strong enough in them. I probably only studied 10 hours worth as I was more focused towards 291/293.

Plenty of questions where the correct answer was the one with the only new things in Vista compared to XP. Although not as many as 620. Questions were not too detailed, as in switches or anything. Except for one which was about a switch but I got that right because the MS Press told me to remember those switches in particular.

Study according to your general WTFness when reading the MS Press. It's really the only material out for the test right now I think, probably not I bet though. Practice question were somewhat helpful.

620 definately has some overlap, although not a ton like 293 and 291. I'll post about them later.
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