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I'm taking the exam in 1-2 weeks, I've read this site a lot. From what I see, the exam seems easy I'm mostly concerned about OSI model, Does anyone know a "phrase" that can help memorize it and in it? I feel there is a a lot about the OSI and the asks alot about that? (correct me if I'm wrong)
Thanks in advance.


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    I use this one.

    All - Application
    People - Presentation
    Seem - Session
    To - Transport
    Need - Network
    Data - Data Link
    Processing - Physical
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    Or in reverse:

    "Grammar and spelling aren't everything, but this is a forum, not a chat room. You have plenty of time to spell out the word "you", and look just a little bit smarter." by Phaideaux

    ***I'll add you can Capitalize the word 'I' to show a little respect for yourself too.

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    hah I like those, I tried for hours to figure something out but i couldn't, when it comes to the inside of the model should i memorize whats under examples on the site
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    It is not really necessary to know all of that. Just know what each layer does and the main protocols that operate at each level.
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    Once you know what everything does and what works on what layer I think you'll have it down. I can remember it without the all-people-seem-to-need-data processing stuff since I went through all the details on what each layer does and what devices work on it.

    What has me worried right now with studying is the troubleshooting... since I'm not working with networks outside my house, its kinda hard for me to analyze any scenarios they come up with. I remember from my A+ those kind of questions gave me some problems also.
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    I passed my A+ with an outstanding score; I thought it was all comon knowledge but more recently I have gotten myself a small networking job 1 server with exchange and 12 client. My network here works with ease and i've been presuing my Net+ cert which I will hopefuly achieve soon. Troubleshooting scenarios maybe difficult, i always feel that i go to far indept with the question the anwsers are ussaly the more simple like, "it's a bad cable or nic"
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