Just passed CCNA!

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Woohoo! :D

My score was 881 - I would have gotten higher than that, but the simlets really threw me for a loop. I was working my way through them, and I'm fairly confident that I would have gotten the majority of them right, but they recommended at the beginning of the test not to spend longer than 10 minutes on any one question, so I had to cut my losses on a couple questions, and move on.

I know the material - I just need to get speedier at it!

Anyways, a huge thank you to this site! What a great resource!


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    Congratulations! Can you tell us what study materials helped you the most and roughly how many hours you put into your studying?
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    fantastic! great job! i take mine in 60 days cant wait!
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    Nice Job! I have noticed that Cisco seems to give you less time on the exams compared to Microsoft and CompTIA. I guess you either know it or you don't, and obviously you did since you passed with a good score. What is up next for you?
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    Congratulations! Can you tell us what study materials helped you the most and roughly how many hours you put into your studying?

    Sure - I used the Sybex/Lammle book (highly recommended), Examforce ExamCram software (NOT recommended - PM me if you want more info on that), every practice exam I could find on this site, the Cisco CCNA Prep Center, and anywhere else I could find online.

    I also built a decent home lab consisting of a 2620, 2503, 2520, 2950, and 3512XL.

    I'm currently unemployed (I'm trying to change careers to get into IT), and I've been studying pretty much non-stop for about 4 months or so.
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    well done sir.
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    sthomas wrote:
    What is up next for you?

    Try to find an employer who will take a chance on someone with no work experience! I'm hoping the case I can make for myself is much stronger now that I've proven I'm capable of doing this stuff.

    That, and start on Security+ (slowly) :)
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    Good luck to you!
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    I don't claim to be an expert, but I sure would like to become one someday.

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    congrats :D
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    congrats man, great score too. keep the certs rolling. i hope you find a job soon icon_thumright.gif
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    Thanks everybody! :D
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    Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif
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    I have just started my CCNA training. I used to work in Technical Support Department for a brandname of Laptops. Also I worked for a Top ISP. I hope I will surely make my career in Cisco Field. If I need any guidance, I will need the help from you all.

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