need help with the registry and boot files

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Please can some one help me with these two areas , i like an example i can perfom on my computer to lern how these work .

I have a seperate hard drive set up that i dont mind brakeing and fixing, it has duel boot 98 se and 2000 i also have xp pro set up on another hard drive .

i have the exam next friday and this is a very weak area for me if i can understand these them all will fall in to place for me . icon_sad.gif


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    there is no qustion to be answerd, i just need help with the registry and boot files.

    id like to know how to make a copy of the regisrty and then play about with it.

    same for boot files .
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    To make a copy of the registry, just run REGEDIT from the Start -> Run path. With the registry editor open, click Registry, the select Export Registry File. This will back up your registry. The file will be FILENAME.REG.
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    can i save it to a floppy ok? and how do i restory it if i mess it up?
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    I think the registry will be too large to save to a floppy. A ZIP or JAZ should do just fine.

    Not sure how you can screw this up, since it's a saved file and whatever changes you make to it won't effect the applicable registry. However, if you mess around with the saved registry and there are errors in it, it may cause some problems. If you cannot access REGEDIT to correct those changes, you'll need to boot into Last Known Good configuration (F8 during a boot ... for WIndows 2000).
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    great help thank you.
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    You need to get a good book on the subject or locate some in depth material online. The subject is far too comprehensive for to solely rely on anything that might be said here.
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