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Ok, I'll start it the conversation.

1. Are the specialist certs going away?
2. It says we'll need the pre-req (CCNA+CCNASecurity or CCNA+SND) and 3 core + 1 elective. I see the electives are CANAC and MARS. That means the core is SNRS, IPS, and..... ? ASA Foundation? Can anyone confirm? or is ASA Foundation and ASA Advanced needed?



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    Lame. I'm going to try to return my SND book and CCSP flashcards tomorrow. I was planning on getting my CCNA done over the summer and starting the SP. It's irritating when they flip this stuff around so quickly.

    So the last day to take SND is 11/17/08, and you can use that to meet the prerequisite until 6/24/09. They're basically saying, you have one year from today to complete the entire track, right? Otherwise you'd have to go back and do the CCNA:S.

    It looks like they're reworking the specializations since there is a new one:

    SND was part of most of them, so who knows what'll happen to all of those. Maybe they'll just keep them and swap CCNA:S for SND.

    I am kind of glad they finally dropped the PIX stuff though. I wasn't looking forward to learning about discontinued products. That kind of kills my motivation.
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    I know man. This is lame. I am taking SND on Monday icon_sad.gif

    Does this mean I don't get my CS-InfoSec Specialist? I was looking forward to that. It sounds important. People woulda thought I was smart.
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    I assume you'll still get whichever ones it applies towards if you take it before it retires. That's the way it looks, anyway.
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    Just go for the CCNA:Security the objectives look pretty much identical I just haven't done a side by side of them though.
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