Scored 2 80's on practice...should I take?

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I took the practice exam on here...scored an 82 on the general and 80 on the OSI. I only scored a 50 on the Ports...I didn't look at any info on ports and just went with what I knew. I also took the TestOut Practice exam twice...scored 80's on that. Assuming i memorize my ports, do you think I'll be okay for the actual test? I keep hearing to wait till I can score 90. $200 is a lot of money and I would appreciate any advice.


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    It is usually recommended for any exam to not take the actual exam until you are average around 90% on your practice test. Now I have taken some exams were I was averaging 70% and still passed. I have failed some exams where I was averaging above 90%. With that being said, if you are average 80%, it seems you have a pretty good understanding of the information so I would probably go for it, if I felt I was ready and I did understand the questions that I answered correctly and incorrectly.
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    Have you thought about finding someone who is just starting their N+ and teaching them and asking them questions you think up by yourself? If you can teach the material then you are probably ready.
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