How many devices can Firewire support?

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I've read that Firewire can support 64 nodes and that each node can support 16 devices. Therefore, it seems that Firewire should be able to support 1024 devices (or something close to this figure).

However, practice exams and other sources suggest that firewire can only support 64 devices.

Which is correct?


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    Just 64 devices, thats all you have to remember.
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    How many devices can be connected with 1394? (top)
    With 1394 you can connect up to 63 devices together. When 1394.1 bus bridges become available, it will be possible to connect over 60,000 devices using 1394. Digital camcorders, surround sound processors, scanners, printers, hard disk audio recorders, videoconferencing cameras and disk drives all share a common bus connection, not only to an optional host computer, but to each other as well. Because of this, 1394 is a prime candidate for the "Home Network" standard initiated by VESA (Video Electronic Standards Association) and other industry associations.
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