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Alright, I really want to eventually get into network security. I wouldn't mind doing system administration, but security seems like the most interesting thing at the moment. I just graduated with my Associates in MIS and I'm starting in the fall to finish my bachelors in MIS.

I had originally planned to get my MCSA in order to better my chances for a sys admin job, but now I'm not so sure. Since I want to get into network security, should I really even bother with my MCSA? The thing is...I don't really want to at the moment, I would rather go for a security cert, but I will go for the MCSA if I think that's a better option.

I'm also serving an internship right now. I'll have been here 6 months in September, with no intentions on leaving soon. So ideally, in two years, I'll have a bachelors in MIS, plus around 2 1/2 years of experience. (Non-security related)

Considering I'm getting the degree, do you think it's safe if I start focusing on security related certs? I know employers may like the MCSA, but I don't feel like it will be as necessary if I have a bachelors degree plus 2 years of experience under my belt.

Sorry about the long-winded post. Thoughts?


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    Hey lostinspace, I'm sure ten9t6 would be happy to help you out on this one, but wouldn't it be nice if you posted all security related questions in his forum icon_lol.gif

    We have a forum dedicated to security you know--- just in case u haven't noticed. :)

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    Yeah, but this really isn't just a security related question. I want more people to see this and reply if possible, especially the more experienced in the field.
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