passed os, now a+ certified, what next?

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Oh my, 220-302 was too darn confusing at times. Too many questions started with "In Windows" where it didn't specify which version, so you had to read the answers to determine which version they were talking about, was especially hard when they had answers that pertained to multiple versions. Anyway, got a 583, I'll take that.

Now that this is over, the hard part is just beginning. I need to decide on what to do next:
1- Do Network+ and Linux+ (was my original plan) to complement parts of what I currently do.
2- Do I-Net+ and transfer to CIW-A, then do Database Specialist exam to get CIW-P. I've been working a lot in web development/databases recently, could help with landing a good entry level job after I grad.
3- Do the MySQL Certification, this is probably more for "fun" than anything else.
4- Do nothing until after I graduate w/ my B.S. Computer Science this fall.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll decide on something. Also, thanks to Techexams and the Microsoft MCSE/MCSA TechNotes which helped me pass the A+ OS Exam.



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