A+ student with some niggling questions about the course.

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I signed up to do A+, N+ and MCSA with a company called Skills Train. I have started my A+ and i am learning everything from the Skill Train book and completing the mandatory Tutor Marked Assignments. All seems to be going quite well, but i have a few questions for people who are doing/have done this certification.

1. How long did it take you to go from starting the course to doing the actual test?
My Skills Train tutor told me that 4-6 months is reasonable for this qualification. Is that about right from peoples experiences or did you take more/less time?

2. How much time did you spend on each module of the course (ex CPU and Motherboards)?
I spend about 3-5 days on each part before submitting the TMA (Tutor Marked Assignment) and moving on.

Are there any tricks that you use to memorize the massive amount of info contained in the reference guides and study notes which i could implement in my studies?
I use visualization techniques to remember some of the more tricky things like what data bus, address bus FSB ect are. For example, for data bus i imagine a double decker bus with the word bits and data on the side. I then imagine it going round on a looping circle with transferred and operation written on the circle. It sounds completely barmy i know lol, but it really works for me. I can always remember the proper words to use to describe what it is.

4. How hard are people finding this course?
I am finding this course quite tricky. I have studied GCSE's and done National Level 2 certifications in Mathematics and English, but none compare to this course in terms of effort required. This is by far the most interesting and tricky course i have ever been on. I find the challenge exciting and intimidating all at the same time!
Studying for my A+, N+ and MCSA.


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    That's actually a good question as far as how long does it take until someone is ready for the test. The class I start in September is on for 6 weeks. Another person I know tells me it takes him 2 months to study for an exam and then he takes the test. He had told me that it takes him 2-3 months for each new cert he studies for. I guess it's all about busting your a** in comprehending the material. He's now within his 4th cert to obtain the MCSE. I guess it's all up to how you do it, but it sounds like youre doing a great job so far. Just keep at it and stay focused.

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