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Hello, Thanks a lot for this priceless site. could anyone plz advise on whether i am ready or not. I want to pass the n+ exam 1st time, i have studied several resources here and there and answered several practice tests now i want a final haul b4 i take the plunge. I got 88% for the test on this site, 97% the OSI and 80% the ports test. Am brushing up on my weaker points and i feel confident of passing, but at the moment, am only using the Technotes and a few quck guides. Can i take the plunge? Please help for i just need a slight push now.


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    You might want to get more detailed on what you have been using to study for this exam. What resources? What quick guides have you been using? What books have you read and did you read them all the way through? What topics did you just think wasn't sticking in your mind or you didn't have an interest in?
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    Well i have read the Mike meyers N+, Exam cram2, Groth's Sybex and now the Technotes. I have read all the books from cover to cover and i find the network world very exciting. I have the cramsession study guide too. I never felt unintersted in any topic but i tend to get mixed up with some ethernet standards especially the fiber optic ones and some wireless. Then there are those security ones which get muddled up too. Otherwise i have the other stuff like ports, OSI on the back of my hand.
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    Do not rush.

    Practice until you think you are ready :D

    Go through the exam objectives, check if you can pull stuff from your memory that deals with each exam objective.

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