N10-003 or N10-103?

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Ok so I went to prometric's website to register to take my Network+ exam next week and it gives me two tests to choose from
Network+ N10-003
NETWORK+ N10-103
What's the difference?
Is one just the newer version?
any ideas here?


  • dvalenzueladvalenzuela Member Posts: 123
    No idea... I al thought it was Network+ N10-003
    close to MCSA!!
  • PlantwizPlantwiz Alligator wrestler Mod Posts: 5,057 Mod
    n10-003: Network+ Certification

    Appears there is a Greek exam?

    English should still be N10-003 until futher notice.
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    Yeah, I'm bit lost on this one too. Maybe it was a typo or misprint or something.
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