N+ in the bag!!!

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Hey guys just passed Net+. This is my first post, been browsing the forums here for a while. The material I used was Mike Myers Net+ Cert Guide 3rd Edition. And the excellent tech notes from here. The book was just a bit out dated, as I got asked some questions about authentication that it didn't cover, but the techenotes did a great job of filling in what I didn't know. I've read where people said that the questions seemed to be worded a little strangely, they seemed pretty staright forward compared to the MS exams I heard about. Well I just wanna thank all you guys here, the members, moderators (Webmaster, Plantwiz, Johan for the bangin' Technotes!) You guys are the cat's pajamas, :D . Excellent site, keep up the great work!!


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    ....and welcome to the forums.
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    Thanks guys, so now just gonna take a lil time off (no more than 2 weeks) and get crackin at MCSA!
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    Welcome to the desert of the real.

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    Congrats and good luck
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