70-272 Exam

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Im sitting this on Wednesday, will let you know the result. Have studied using the self paced training kit and the measure up practice questions. Im hoping i dont get a lot on file sharing and networking and the focus is more on customisation but will find out soon enough.


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    Hi -

    thank you for wishing me good luck:-

    "The notion of "play" and "work" are best described as a quantum superposition blur for a sysadmin."
    -- David N. Blank-Edelman

    I like your quote - please give me your interpretation of this be it subjective or objective?
    Many thanks!
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    I just took the exam last week. I would brush up on the Internet Options tabs, really know what security levels and privacy levels affect cookies, etc. Know how to set up and troubleshoot Outlook and OE, review share and NTFS permissions, and take a look at hardware installation and troubleshooting.
    It seemed to me that some of the questions had more than one "right" answer, you just need to read Microsoft's mind on what they want.
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