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I am just looking for some advice for 602. It seems a bit more scenario based. I was just wondering what people who passed the test concentrated on. I scored 735 on 601 and was a bit disappointed with that and I think I am paranoid about 602 now. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    I just passed the 601 and 602 (I took them together); I wouldn't worry about the 602 if I were you. If you passed the the 601 you should have no problem. I scored a 750 on the 601 and an 865 on the 602. The is a lot of overlap between the two tests; the biggest difference is the 602 seems to emphasize customer service more.
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    I agree with MDKing the two tests overlap a lot. They touch a little bit more on networking and customer service I found out. In my tests there were more scenario based questions. Just know/review your troubleshooting methodology. For example when someone has a network problem you wouldn't replace the NIC before you check the cat5/6 cable right? Also you would turn off a computer or monitor before you unplug it. Just review those items and you will be fine.
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    Thanks...I appreciate it.
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    I agree with the other posts, I took the 602 yesterday and blew it right out of the water with a 900. I kid you not, they ask a lot of common sense questions and things that are related to customer service. I did really bad on the essentials. I mean I barely passed, but after going through everything all over again and taking the measure up practice exams, the practice exams on other forums, and using the practice tests from the Mike Meyers book all went well. My advice, if you're not scoring in the high 80s to 90s percentile, don't bother with it.
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