Passed on the first try!

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I just passed Security+ this morning with an 812. I agree that there are some pretty wierd questions. I expect the "most right" question, but there where some that seemed like they where more like "pick the least wrong" answer.
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    Please share with others how you prepared for this exam...
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    heh heh - you are right there PCHoldmann icon_rolleyes.gif

    Congrats on your pass and we look forward to hearing more about your experience.
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    I used a variety of materials, Mike Meyers Passport (pretty basic), Security+ Guide to Network Security Fundamentals (reasonable, but appears classroom focused, i.e. no answers to questions), the Security+ Exam Guide, and of course, the Exam Cram 2 Security+ book. I found the material as a whole to actually be somewhat contradictory, with different books offering different interpretations of the same material. If I was to do it over, I would probably go buy the Sybex book, I would have to say using the most possible resources is the way to go.

    By the way, I downloaded the Boson demo, and tried to by the full version of one of the exams, but their website puked. Maybe next time.

    I also used practice questions from a few other demos, Exam Cram's Website, and of course, this site. Do the port test!

    I warn you - there were questions in the exam that had not been addressed in any of the books. icon_confused.gif Not cool.

    By the way, any opinions, Cisco or M$ next? I will probably do both eventually.


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    congrats! I would recco the Cisco track if you think you can get in....It seems that Cisco certs without experience are worth less than M$ certs without experience. Either way, Net+ and Sec+ is a good start where-ever you're going.....
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    24 Hours in a day...24 Beers in a case...Coincidence?
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    do you think self study drills from free online demos and Exam Cram2 and Security+ (Que) are enough prep? I'm wanting to take it in a couple of weeks.
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    That is mainly what I used, there are many demo, etc. available. Also check out Boson. Their demo is limited to 12 (I think) questions, per exam, but they include 3 demos, for 36 questions. Also the CD that comes with ExamCram 2 books has a full test, and is well worth the $30 or so.


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    I'm about to take the test, and I've used the following materials so far:
    LearnKey (likely the best set of training I've seen, although the practice tests weren't very good, 4 cds)
    ElementK (not as good as the first two)
    (these are likely quite expensive, although I have access from work resources)

    I've done a fair amount of practice tests and such -- this site and others

    I'm getting most of the questions right, when did you decide you would drop the money and just do it?
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    I had decided after my Network+ test that I wanted to take the Security+ by the end of August. I slipped in right under the wire with Aug 31. I guess that really does not give any help on detemining when you are ready, but it is what I did. If you are not working on a deadline, I would gauge how you feel, if you feel you can pass the test, schedule it for 2 weeks out and cram hard...

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