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Hi Guys,

I'm studying the 70-291 and I'm having a few issues installing network monitor. I have a 2003 virtual server and an evaluation copy of the cd. I'm trying to install it through add remove windows components. When I go to install it states that a file call hexedit.dll is missing. I have tried reinstalling but no joy. I'm not sure if it is to do with my virtual server set up. When I installed 2003 on to the virtual server it took over a day. Its quite frustrating because the book is instructing me to use net mon v5.2.3663 which I cannot find anywhere on the net. I have managed to download version 3.1 but it seems quite a lot has changed so I cannot follow the steps in the book. At the moment I seem to be wasting valuable study time trying to get this working does anyone have any ideas? Thanks


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