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I am about to start working toward my MCSA/MCSE and am looking for some opinions on self-study material. I am going to start out by going for 70-270 first and then go for 70-290, then 70-291. The reviews that I have read on the Microsoft recommended sudy guide are not that good. What did you use and were you happy with it?

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  • mwgoodmwgood Member Posts: 293
    I am beginning studying for the 70-270, and after researching the various study materials - the Exam Cram 2 book stood out from all the rest as far as people's reviews. I've been studying the Sybex book (which seems pretty decent), and the technotes on this site for the 270 are a pretty good start - but again, the reviews for the Exam Cram 2 book for 70-270 were so overwhelmingly positive that I decided I had to get a copy.
  • Silver BulletSilver Bullet Member Posts: 676
    I used SYBEX study guides for both my A+ and Network+ and nothing else. Both of these study guides were such an easy read that I was hoping for something good from them on Microsoft Certs. But the reviews that I read on SYBEX's study guide for 70-270 we not that good. I too have read good reviews about Exam Cram but wanted to get some outside opinions before purchasing. Now that you have Exam Cram for 70-270, do you feel confident enough in it to be the only study guide to get "THE GRADE"? By the way, what is the passing score for Microsoft Certs?
  • mobri09mobri09 Users Awaiting Email Confirmation Posts: 723
    I purchased the Exam Cram for the 70-270 exam. I heard thats the most efficient study book so far but who knows.
  • mwgoodmwgood Member Posts: 293
    Silver Bullet - you asked whether I'm confident that Exam Cram 2 book for 70-270 is the only study guide needed to make "the grade."

    I really can't say - I was reporting to you the results of what I researched on the various study materials for this exam. I noticed, like you that Sybex wasn't getting the normal raving reviews, but most everyone was raving about the exam cram book. I ordered it a couple weeks ago from Amazon, but still haven't received it yet - which is why I've been studying the Sybex book and the technotes online.

    Generally, I always try to buy at least 1 book, but also get access to others somehow (at least briefly) just to see whether they cover material not covered in the book I purchased - that way I'm not blindsided by unexpected questions on the exam.

    I don't know what the passing score for this exam is - I pretty much take the approach of learning everything well anyway, so that I can pass the exam regardless of where they set the passing score. Anyway, if you look at it that way, then it doesn't really matter.

    I did look on the Microsoft website for the passing score, but was unable to locate it. I'm sure someone else around here knows.
  • Silver BulletSilver Bullet Member Posts: 676
    mwgood, I agree with that approach of learning the material so that you will be able to pass no matter where they set the bar. I was just curious where the bar was set on these exams.

    I am the type of person that studies to not only get the certification, but to also learn all that I can so that I will be as proficient as possible in what I do.

    Not being in the IT field yet, I feel this is the best approach to get me where I want to be. Having said that, I feel that I am taking the best approach to getting in the IT field. Having the A+ and Network+ behind me, I now plan to get MCSA, then CCNA and then plan to acquire the MCSE.

    Hopefully somewhere in the mix, I will be able to obtain a job in IT (that will enable me to continue to support my family) to get me some experience to list on my resume. Not having any "Job Related Experience" that I can list on my resume, I feel these certs will be more marketable in the area I live on the path I have chosen.
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