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You are the network admin for BankTech. The network consists of a single Active Directory domain called NETBIOS name resolution is not permitted on the network.

A SUS server named is configured to provide updates to the client and server software. It downloads the contect in Japanese and English languages. A proxy server is not used on the network.

You add another SUS server named to the SUS infrastructure. You must configure it to the following requirements:

Clients must be able to locate

I have edited the question so I could save some time hashing it all out. Anyways this was a sim from Transcender. Now when you configure SUS2 in "Server options" on the SUS admin page, there's an option "Select option from where to download updates from". First bullet point is "from MS update server", second option is "from another SUS server" (or something similar).

In this scenario, the SUS2 gets its updates from SUS1. So should I write or just And why?

P.S. I think I asked this question before but I cant find the post.
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