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I was wondering if if you can upgrade Vista Home Basic to Vista Business I know when I look at Microsoft site using the anytime upgrade it has you can only upgrade to home prem. and ultimate.
When I look at another portion of their site it says it can be done I suppose with the retail vista Business upgrade.

Can anyone confirm if they have been able to upgrade from vista home basic to vista business without doing an clean install.
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    I have never tried that before but my guess is no. Why can't you just do a clean install instead of an upgrade. That is usually the best way to go anyway. Though if you do have a good reason to upgrade instead I would just try it and see what happens. You will know right away if it will let you upgrade or not.
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    No. The home and business branches are separate at that level. You can't go Home <----> Business. You can only go up to Ultimate or the premium version of whatever branch you're on.

    You can't do it as a clean install either. The key you type in won't be accepted. The Vista business upgrade is from 2000 or XP.
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