Passed today

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Hey everyone,

Passed today with 700/900 and only two weeks of studying. Obviously, I didn't study as hard as I did for this as I did for security+ which I got 860 on. This exam was ridiculous and outdated. Not saying its not resume filler, but some of the questions were not even pertinant to networking.. poorly worded or on 2 of the questions the protocols listed as choices didn't give what the question asked. Protocols don't exactly change what they deliver over time usually. LOL :P

As for what I used, I read network+ Guide to Networks forth edition by Tamara Dean. Easy read, tons of content... alot of which I didn't need to know, but alot of it covered what I already knew from college and Linux+ and Security+. The additional material on the CD was good... except the volume of it was like a 2nd book.

I used technotes for a refresher last night, and did the practice quizes in Mike Myers All In ONe Network+ Certification 3rd edition(I think)... Read a few pages of it and thought it was like a networking for dummies and not very good for studying. Used the Two practice quizes on the additional CD, once each and got 88% on them both.

On further notes, know your protocols, know your layers, know your connectors and wirelengths. Also know your Windows networking utils.

Onto SCNS I think next as a precursor to either CCNA or CISSP


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