Network+ and CCNA

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I will be taking the first CCNA course in Jan

Just wondering if the first CCNA course can prepare me for the Comptia Network+ exam?



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    There's going to be a decent amount of overlap, but there's a lot that's different two. For example, the Network+ is going to cover things like configuring network settings on Mac, Windows, and *nix machines while the CCNA will spend a lot of time with IOS-specific configuration. You should compare the exam objectives to see the actual differences.
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    Normally it's the other way around. People use the Net+ to prepare for the CCNA.

    Really once you have the CCNA there is no need for the Net+. Take that same effort and do 70-270 (windows xp), 70-620 (vista) or Linux+.

    Unless of course you have a good reason to want to take Net+.
  • laptoplaptop Member Posts: 214
    Thanks for replies
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    In my mind will take the CCNA after passing N+, because I've learned from folks and my self when I compared 2 books. The fact is CCNA is harder the N+. So to be honest you should take N+ first then CCNA. This what I am doing so far. Good luck my friend.
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    Yes Ive gone from A+ to N+ now doing CCNA, happy with the way its going, N+ has been useful to me with CCNA studies
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