Passed another Prometric horror story.

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I will get this out of the way right now...I passed with a score of 746.

However, what a nightmare this test was. My test started at 10am. All was going well until I got to question #24 which was a sim. I read the question, and then clicked on the simulation button. The prometric testing engine displayed "terminating" and shut down the exam, and then displayed a bunch of error messages. I went and got the proctor, who called Prometric. She went back and forth with the prometric support person, and eventually went and got another person that worked there. After a bunch of back and forth with phone support, and the PC, they figured out that the main Prometric server was out of disk space. This was a little over two hours. Their was a backup file on the server that was taking 33GB of the 40GB hard drive. So the admin at the testing site copied the file to another server at the site. This took a little over another hour.

So I finally got back into my test, and it picked up at question number 24. So I click on the Simulation button, and nothing happens. It won't load the simulation. So the guy that was helping me through all this tells me to mark the question and come back to it. So I continue along with the test, and all is going well. Somewhere close to question 38 or so, I got another simulation, and that one went perfectly fine. No problems, it loaded, etc. Then I get to question 40, and I get the "terminating" message and the test shuts down again. So, once again, I went and got the guy that worked there, and he got it going again. I ended up finishing the test, and going back over the items I marked....

I get to question number #24, the sim, and it still wouldn't load. The guy who was helping me all along said to just end the test, and if I failed, then he would call Prometric and explain the situation to them, and get me a free retake. Well, I ended up passing without question number 24, so no biggy. He said that they were going to call Prometric in the morning, and file a complaint with them. Again, I started the exam at 10am, and finished right around 4pm. How ridiculous is that?

I am just happy to be done.

Like others have said, this exam should be called Group Policy as that easily made up the bulk of my exam.


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    Wow, sorry to hear about your experience.

    But more important, CONGRATS!
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    Thanks man, They offered to let me retest another day. But I have been studying, and wasn't about to leave halfway through the exam.
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    I hear ya'...I would've stayed too...For me to get to any testing center is at least an hours drive away. Generally, I work the same day too as I work nights...So I get to get up early, drive in, test, drive out, go straight to work. Anywho, definite congratulations on this one. What are you doing next?
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    Thanks....I am thinking either 298, 299, or Security+.....
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    Congrats! I haven't had anything quite that bad, but overall have not had a positive experience with Prometric. But what are ya gonna do?
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    Congrats on the pass. . . (even if it did take six hours). Sorry to hear that you had such a lousy experience, but at least you didn't have to take the exam over again. :D

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    Wow worst story I have heard so far!!
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