Interview went well....

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I had an interview for a help desk position with a bank today. Position isn't all phone support which was a happy surprise for me. Also, they let the help desk work on projects and they are having some major ones beginning in January. This is why they are looking for another person to bring on now so by then they can use them for the projects. What got me really excited about the job is they are virtualizing all their servers with VMWare. A friend gave me their copy of CBT Nuggets VCP so hopefully I can get a chance to work on the team that will be doing that. Pay isn't what I wanted ($32k a year and they said if offered the position I could get some more, but not the $40k I was hoping for). But with there being a lot of chance to move up and into different areas of the company if offered I will take the position. So here's to the day or two wait!
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