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I want to start a postgraduate course in January 2009.

I got two offers

1. University of Sunderland
MSc Telecommunication Engineering

I like the course and i believe that by gaining this degree it would not be difficult to get a job in a Telecom company.
However i do not like the location of the university. Sunderland is a new city (not well developed, i think) and i fear that i might have a hard time finding a part time job while studying. By reading reviews of students who have previously studied at Sunderland, i can conclude that not many students enjoyed their stay at Sunderland.

and my second offer is

2. University of Central Lancashire
MSc Network Computing

The course is ok but it does not cover a wide variety of subjects as the Telecommunication Eng degree. I believe there i will still have good job prospects if i have a Network computing degree. The university is located in Preston. According to the review that i have read many students recommend the university: great night life, good lecturers , the city is also well developed ....

Hope you guys can help me

Your advice and opinion would be greatly appreciated




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    First of all you should be asking yourself - what do you want to do work wise? For me a masters level should be about specialising in a chosen subject i.e. networking, project management etc. So i would think carefully in what area you want to go and choose a degree which is best suited.

    By the sounds of it from your comment you are leaning towards the Msc at sunderland for its course content alone - i am not talking about living conditions etc.

    From someone who is originally from Sunderland and have also been to preston i would say neither place is great to be honest. There not your typical big cities and arent advanced as many in the UK probably being 10-20 years behind your typical big city. If living and nightlife is a issue for you then i would consider looking in other places too. Sunderland has a good nightlife but it comes with the usual drunken debauchery, there's alot of call centre's too which most students get PT work at. but there isnt that much to do really and isnt the greatest place to live.

    If your doing the degree for a year or so i would sway towards going to the place which offers you the best degree for what you want to do rather than for its nightlife etc. Dont get me wrong i know its important but the year will fly over and you'll be back outta there in no time.

    what are you looking to specialise in?
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    I'm from Mauritius and there is not much time left to apply to other universities for January 2009 intake. So i guess, i'll have to choose between the two ....

    I do not have a first degree. I have completed the BCS graduate diploma which equivalent to an Hons Degree in IT. I want to do an Msc because because employers do not usually see the graduate diploma as an Hons Degree. I always have to write on My CV that it is equivalent to a degree.

    The MSC is a one year course ..... so it should be quick ....
    My only problem is that as i am an international student, i will be paying full fees (9000 pounds).
    So i need to get a part time job while studying ..... so i also need to find out which one is more developed Preston or Sunderland ..... i believe that there is a lot of international students at Sunderland .... so i would be competing with them to find a part time job ...
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    Well regardless of where you go you will be competing with anyone in the area for jobs - not just international students.

    I take it you are going back to mauritius once you finish? if so then i would pick which degree suits what you want to do most. If living conditions are important then only you can decide in the end, i would recommend going to each area if you can afford to do so. Then you can get a first look at each town first hand.

    There are tons of uni's around the UK that take in people to start from Jan. Considering how much your paying i dont think many would say no. Seriously look around the rest of the UK too and apply to as many as you can because your quite limited at the minute. This will give you more options and allow you to choose the best one for you.

    but like i said you should be doing the degree you want to do ultimately.
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    I'm still waiting a reply for the following universities

    University of Glamorgan
    - Msc Computer Systems Security

    University of Teeside
    - Msc Network Systems

    University of Greenwich
    - Computer Systems and Networking
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    I did not choose any redbrick uni as i cant afford to pay any of them (12 000 pounds).
    That's why i have applied to ex-polys (the fees is affordable)
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