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Well in two months I will end up joining alot of other Americans when it comes to a job hunt. Can I please get some advice on how to improve my resume? Thanks
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    Well, I cannot see your resume (unless I were to log in), but keep a positive outlook.

    Consider this, while the news media keep talking about how bad unemployment is....even in States where it is 7-9% (and 4% is healthy), it still means that 91-93% of the population in that State DO have jobs.

    Good jobs are still available, keep your outlook positive. Be innovative, show how you ARE an asset to the company and not an expense (make them more then you cost them including your benefits).

    Show your willingness and proof that you are always training and learning new skills. If they pay for it, great, but do it for you. YOU take that knowledge with you and if you are valuable THEY will fight to keep you. If you are a drain, they may be happy to see you go elsewhere.

    Follow the old school traditions for employment. Good manners, good follow-up (with Thank you card/letter etc...) Research the company BEFORE you interview so you can have prepared questions to inquire about them.

    You are selling you. Job hunting is the one time YOU get to sell your most sought after item...yourself! So do it right, but be sincere. They'll smell the fakeness.

    Sorry I couldn't read the resume. IF it doesn't follow the 1960s guideline for clear, concise resumes.....skip it and try again.

    Also, you can customize 3-4 different ones depending on the company you are interviewing with.
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    ***I'll add you can Capitalize the word 'I' to show a little respect for yourself too.

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    good outlook and good advice, plantwiz. There's a lot of people out there who are very negative about the process, and it does nothing to help someone in a job only hurts and makes you sour, and that's not the best way to convince someone to hire you!!

    I have to second everything that plantwiz said here, keep at it and keep it clear & sell yourself as the cool product you are, but above all else - BE HONEST.

    Good luck!
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    It looks like the resume is available now.

    I'd come up with a better objective or switch to a summary. That basically just says, "I want a job." Use google to find some good examples.

    With the exception of objective and education, all the headers are on their own lines. You should probably put the former two on their own lines for consistency.

    The certs look a bit weird. It's the only heading that's italicized. I'd try to keep that more consistent as well. Add a blank line between that and your degree, and only indent them as much as the other items that are bullet-pointed.

    I think it's good over all. I'd try to tweak the wording a bit to show what sort of results you achieved, instead of just listing tasks. For example, change: "Installed and implemented a newer version of software patches" to something like, "Improved security and reliability by implementing a new patch management system."
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