A question about Sybex's security+ book.

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I recently purchased Sybex's CompTIA security+ study guide (third edition) manual by mike Pastore and Emmett Dulaney. What are your thoughts on this book? I've found it informative, and an easy read so far. Has anyone else read this book? What are your thought on it's accuracy and reliability in preparing you for the test?



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    I highly recommend the book in conjunction with the Syngress Press book by Ido Dubrawsky et al. I have the sybex edition you have and used it to study for the test which I passed last April. But I know that there are new editions for both the Sybex and Syngress books so you may want to go to your local bookstore just to see if there are significant differences between both sybex versions. But seeing as how it's still the same test, I think you'll be fine. In my opinion, the Sybex book is great for a thorough overview of concepts. They present material "a mile wide, and an inch deep" which allows you to get the full scope of the material needed for the exam. The Syngress books goes into more depth on topics (they went way too deep into encryption which is good to know stuff, but more than necessary for the exam) and will probably bore you to tears. But I recommended both books to about 10 coworkers, all of whom have passed reading these two books so I'm fairly confident you should do well with the one book and even better with both! :D
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    Thank you very much for the advice.
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    I also reccomend the Sybex Security + book.

    I'm a big fan of their study guides and used them to pass my Network + and Security + exams. I also found their CCNA study guide a lot easier to read and understand than the CISCO press books.

    Good luck with the study and exam.
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    Seems like a good book and easy read so far. I've been reading it for about the past two weeks on and off. I am reading it in conjunction with my CWNA and CCNA Wireless.
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    Im reading Sybex Deluxe edition along with Cryptography for Dummies. They are good books, and a great start in to Security+
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    I would like to add that it is a pleasure to read just because it is insightful. :) It feels like connecting the dots. I am aware of many of the technologies and implementations, but was vague on some of the details.
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