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Hi I `ve been studying and I was confident to do the test , but after doing the test on this website i started to worry because i did 54%, but in my book tests I was doing good like more than 85%...My book author is Charles J Brooks, and i did preplogic tests...please help me!!!


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    Practice exams in a book are often too easy, mainly like a review quiz. But preplogic should give you a decent indication of how ready you are.

    54% is not that good though... and our exams are based on the exam objectives. Is your book current? Did you download the exam objectives at www.comptia.com yet to see if you studied all the material?
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    i was getting a steady 60% online at the practice exams here, and got a 602 on core and a 522 on OS
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    You need to be in the near 85% to 90% before you are ready. Atleast that's my thing. Remember too, a lot of the question you are seeing at fresh in your head. It's best to use more than one study guide, and a lot of test sites. This site is awesome, so is www.mcmcse.com.

    Good luck!

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