Passed 640-802, but need some advice about security

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First of all,

I would like to thank people here who answer my questions no matter how stupid they are XD

I passed it but noticed most job requirement ask job seeker to have one of firewall knowledge of checkpoint, PIX, or Nokia.

My question is I don't know which I should learn now to be ready for a network administrator job ? Actually, I don't how to start and get which material to read first

Because I am really desperate to get a job within a month, so I will do all my best effort to prepare any one of them if someone else can give me some advice.

If I get a job, I would pursue my CCNP

Sorry, I am not sure where I should pose this article.......
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    Looking into security+ maybe a good start to give you the foundation theoretical knowledge then possibly ccna security? Things get more advanced in the CCSP. Checkpoint also have the CCSA which you could look at.

    You say your looking for a job in the next month? networking job i assume? however dont think you will walk into one without experiance. Be realistic in what your applying for. If you have no IT experiance at all then you will probably be looking at desktop support / helpdesk and working your way up.

    Security is a specialisation so it maybe best focusing on R&S primarily until you get some hands on experiance. Whilst studying security secondary.

    Good luck.

    EDIT: Congrats by the way!!! icon_lol.gif
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    Most Network Admin / Network Ops / NOC Tech positions require experience with network monitoring, but if you show promise and can sell yourself well in the interview then all is game. I agree with Nel, you may want to look into CompTIA Security+ to get the security foundation first. CompTIA Security+ seems to be well regarded for government positions if that is something you are interested in.

    If you want to cross-train, you have another month left for the Juniper Fast Track program.

    That will let you take their exams at 50% off, but keep in mind that you only have another month. Cross-training should give you brownie points with the hiring manager as it shows you are versatile.

    Juniper provides some Sybex Study Guides that should be great resources in your studies.

    You can also consider Nortel for some additional cross training. LA County here in Southern California seems to have a lot of Nortel equipment. Check out the TE thread below for more info on the Nortel / Cisco partnership.

    btw, don't forget to change account details to reflect that you are now CCNA. :) give yourself some credit!
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    Hi Nel, Mamono,

    Thank you very much for give me this clear idea.

    Actually, I was a network engineer for 2 years in Taiwan, so basically, I was an entry level engineer.

    And, because of my status, i only have one month left to find my job here, I mean in USA, otherwise, I would be kicked out from USA.

    I downloaded checkpoint firewall-1 simulator to be familiar its function first......

    I just want to learn more and more in order to get a job here, so hopefully, there is a miracle happened within one month.

    Please don't judge me, I just love the life and environment here :D
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    No judging. Everyone from all over the world is welcome here in these forums. :) I wish you the best in your search.

    I am ABC, so I have friends that are in similar situations. I can understand from what I have heard and seen through my friends. Have you considered looking into Chinese owned technology companies? The last one I worked for, about 1/10 of the work force was work visa sponsored from Taiwan. Mind you, they were a 200+ employee company. I don't know how it is now, but last I heard they were looking for a System Administrator.
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    Hey Mamono,

    Thank you very much for your tips.

    I would never give up till the last minute I have to leave.....

    Have a great thanksgiving holiday....

    CCNA 640-802 certificated
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