****ing Cheaters



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    UnixGuy wrote:
    EdTheLad wrote:
    I could care less, this has been discussed in countless threads already and no matter how many threads you write dumpers will continue to ****, its time to accept this and move on.
    If the person who **** can sucessfully land a job and pull the wool over managements eyes i'll shake his hand.
    I've got a guy like this in my company, all the managers love him.We were in a team meeting the other day when up pops his name on the presentation with a big "congratulations for achieving ccie".Afterwards myself and others questioned him on this,turns out he only passed the written, using **** mind you.Long story short, upper management all think hes a ccie now.
    This guy is genius he's such a smooth operator, its amazing, technically he's useless but as far as all the managers are concerned he's God.His new title is network architect, all the engineers in my department are on to him, all in thats about 12 ccie'rs, we all sit back and admire his advance through the ranks.

    I seriously doubt the intelligence of your management !

    Yeah. I was thinking the same thing. A piece of paper means nothing if you don't know how to do the job. Being in IT many years, there have been many people hired in my department but the ones that don't know how to do the job don't last long. So.... so what if braindumpers get jobs if they can't keep them? I prefer to study and work my [email protected]@ off to get where I am, happy with the knowledge that I can keep the job for as long as I want. [/b]
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    As discussed in the Cisco forum i recently took my CCNA.

    Pearson-Vue have started a new scheme that in my opinion is great idea. They have now started taking your photo in the exam centre and printing it onto your score report. Not sure if this is new everywhere or just for the UK? But it should help catch those who take exams on behalf of others.

    What do you guys think? Will it help in some way to fight the cheaters?

    Personally I think that the Cisco exam must be one of the harder ones to **** on due to the time restrictions, the simulations and now the photo requirement.

    An interesting debate maybe to put some points/ideas together as to how to stop the cheaters?
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    I worked with a guy who used to brag about how quick he got his MCSE using "****" he almost seemed proud of it. This fooled the managers until one day he was called on to fix a reoccuring issue with 1 of our servers to which he had no idea what he was doing. Oh how I wished I could of been there for that.
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