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I have just passed my N+ and gonna take my Security+ soon. I have just bought a security book called 'security + certification' by microsoft press written by Andy ruth and kurt hudsonn?

I am hoping its gonna be a good book, just wondered if anyone had read it and wondered what they thought?.

Also how long do you think you need to study for security+?..My N+ took only 5 weeks to get?.

Have to say this is the best tech exam site around.....believe me I have been on loads and they don't even come close to matching this one.

Be good to see more security+ in your tech notes!!!! icon_cool.gif


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    I hear the MS Press book does have some good stuff in it ....... however I will definitely recommend the full pdf by Tcat Howser and Helen O'Boyle.

    Posted elsewhere ...
    The beta PDF can be found by searching google for Decypting the Security+ beta exam.

    The BIG pdf has been moved to a commerical site. Doing a google with

    Tcat PDF security

    Will get you that.

    Alphageekproductions went down when I did a complete physical move this month. I'm setting up a video studio/sound stage after the new A+ (which SuperTech made a major contribution to) is completed in the next week or so.

    Instructors tell me that the Quiz based Sy0-101 study guide/test sim is pretty hot stuff...

    Tcat Howser

    I also suggest that you consider Sec+ completely different compared to
    net+. I did A+ and Net+ in 3 weeks each, but spent several months on Sec+ and failed miserably (well about 2 questions, but for me any failure is miserable). The problem is not so much knowing certain data to a great depth, but knowing an overly broad range of things.
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