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I work as a QA manager. I would like to change from QA to database (developer or administration). As a tester I have worked intensly in data minig using SQL query. In one of the company I worked as a data analyst involving writing store procedures.
My dilemma is whether to do cerrification in SQL sever 2005 Database Developer of SQL SERVER 2008 database developer. I understand SQL 2008 is recently released and study material is not readily available compare to SQL Sever 2005.
Can somebody give some guidance?


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    Check what the upgrade path is from the SQL Server 2005 cert to the 2008 cert. If it's only a single exam, go for the 2005 cert now and the upgrade to 2008 later when more study material has been released. If there is no upgrade path, I would still go with 2005 because there are currently a lot more jobs for SQL 2000/2003/2005 than there are for SQL 2008. I would only go directly for 2008 if my current employer was requiring it.
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