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Well to give you a little bit of background I passed my 70-270 way back in July but was laid off in August while I was studying for my 70-290. So I took a 3 month break basically from everything and just decided to get back on track with everything. I went through my Sybex book and focused on mainly the new things not mentioned in 70-270 such as terminal services. I spent just two weeks brushing up and figured I would just take it since I could use second shot and was pretty sure I WOULDN'T pass.

I went in this morning and passed with a 700 exactly somehow. While there was a lot of overlap from 70-270 this exam, there were quite a few questions regarding backup administration so make sure you know that like the back of your hand. The simulations were actually kinda cool and straight forward. As a matter of fact this exam was wayyy more straight forward than 70-270 was at least to me. Anyways up next is the "Beast" which I'm going to spend about 2 months labbing up and studying. Already have subnetting down so hopefully that'll help?
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