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Could the A+ exam ask me questions on Processor speeds or will it be on Socket Bus Speeds?


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    For my test I beleive I had one or two questions processor speeds once I remember in what context I'll post back ...don't remember anything on socket bus speeds.
    Someone asked me when will my studying be over......
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    Cheers Sulblk27
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    Take a quick check through the CompTIA Objective for A+ Hardware at Comptia.com. eg, 4.1 concerns Popular CPUs--including speeds.

    Other objectives concern motherboards, which could very well require knowledge of bus speeds.

    Best of luck!
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    yea.... when i took mine i didnt see much to do with speeds... i had mostly SCSI and some serious DMA's/IO Addresses/ IRQ's. Most
    of the hardware is almost 100% memorization. I studied for it like 2 days ahead of taking it... i highly recommend this software:
    THOSE TESTS ARE EXACTLY LIKE THE TEST... theres a moneyback guarantee also... so that if you fail the exam... u get your money back. It's HIGHLY effective and good luck! :D
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